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ST, OT & PT Contractors

We would be nothing if it wasn't for our great therapists. So this page is just for you.  One spot where you can find up to date information on company policies, medicaid changes, and forms used for clients.  Please give us feedback on things that you need and would like to see posted. 



Company policy

Effective Oct. 1st, 2014 we will be changing the ST pay rate for evaluations.  Your standard fee will not change as long as the evaluation performed is comprehensive in nature.  However, if your evaluation consists of only one component than the fee will be reduced.  


PTAs & COTAs- Please scan and e-mail your soap notes to your supervising OT & PT before you submit for billing.  This will eliminate documentation getting tied down in the billing process.

Medicaid Changes

1. Please remember that your parent participation documentation is due at the end of the month on all day-care clients.

2. Parents must be present for evaluations, this includes day-care kids.

3.  On your progress notes please be sure to include that parents are participating in at least 50% of all visits.  This is for all MC clients not just daycare kids.

4.  ST services- please make sure your clients have had a proper hearing screening.  The report from that screening needs to be submitted.

5. Hearing Screenings are needed for all ST clients.  Please include pertinent information in evaluations or refer for screening.  

Forms Include: 

a. John Keys Speech & Hearing Clinic Form

b.  OUCP Otolaryngology Clinic Form





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